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Austin Hamilton

28 Septembrie 1994 - 20 Ianuarie 2023
Austin Hamilton

​​Austin my love,


Remember what you said to me after that hot summer day we first met under the giant pink flamingo? You said: "Thankfully the stars aligned for me and out of the million words scrambling through my head I was able to form charming sentences that led to us having an amazing Sunday that I'll never forget". I never told you but I cried when I read your message. The stars aligned for both of us! I barely knew you but I understood then that I had found my soul mate, the one! I had tears of joy and happiness and all of our days together were blissful ever since. We were counting down the days in the week until we were kissing a hundred times in the first minute of seeing each other, and both of us couldn't stop smiling because of how much we enjoyed each other's smiles. We were so in love. We thanked the stars that brought us together. We made cookies for the stars. We dreamed more under the stars. We had the most beautiful love story! A bond forever and beyond!

You were the brightest star in my universe! You made the world a better place merely by existing. You made me the happiest I've ever been in my whole life. You completed me. I felt loved and respected, valued and cherished, seen and understood. You showed me with your whole being what true love really is. A unique true love that is meant to live in the stars forever! A reflection for eternity!

Remember how we used to ask each other if this was a dream? "How did we get so lucky? How did we get so lucky to have found each other and be so perfect together?"

You came into my life and brought so much sunshine with your charming smile, with your electrifying green eyes that I used to get lost in when you were telling me "I love you", with your big hugs where you would lift me off of my feet and tell me you would never ever forget that feeling! You are the best thing that ever happened to me! You are the most beautiful soul I've ever met. You loved me truly, deeply and passionately, unconditionally, a love that I've never felt before and I will always carry in my heart. Your love and energy lingers in my every memory of you. I close my eyes and I see your handsome face, I hear your deep voice and your loving words echoing in my ears, I feel your gentle touch...

Remember how we were cuddling and falling asleep in each other's arms on those rainy, winter nights? Remember how I was laying my head on your chest at bedtime listening to your fast heartbeat while you were holding me tight, reminding me every second how much you loved me? You were my home, my safe place, my love bug, my baby love. My one and only. And now you're gone... And I have no home... Ten lifetimes wouldn't have been enough to love you!

I love you Austin! My king! My light! My life! My world! My everything! My galaxy! My universe! My dream come true! My best friend! My soul mate! The love of my life!

I need you my lover! I'm craving your touch, seeing your handsome face, feeling your strong body, your kisses, your smell and hearing your voice in person again. I wish you could come back to me even for only five seconds so I could hold you, kiss you and tell you those three special words that meant so much to us, before you go back to eternity. I wish those thousand kisses were on my lips right now and causing me to get butterflies in my stomach after every single one...

Remember how you used to say that you would never want to wake up one day and not find me next to you. Laying next to you and waking up with you by my side every morning was a dream that made me melt inside. We were inseparable from the first moment we met. Anytime we had to be apart to deal with work and chores you would say: "The second you leave home, I feel a piece of me is not there anymore". And now our worst fear came true. From now on I have to wake up every day to find that you are no longer with me... You were mine and I was yours, you were my king and I was your queen, and just when we thought we had it all, a sudden eternal sleep took you away from me. I scream in agony and despair at the stars to bring you back to me but my screams fade away into a distant echo... I feel like I'm sinking deeper and deeper into a black hole that has no end. I'm lost in the darkness without you, my world! I'm staring blindly at this screen hoping you would call... What am I going to do without you, my love? The thought of losing you is overwhelming. Overwhelming is an understatement. It hurts so much to talk about you in past tense. Every second without you feels like an agonizing eternity, while when we were together time flew by as we were dancing through our universe, staring into each other's eyes, being there for each other no matter what and slowly becoming one unit. Our time together was short but it felt like a lifetime because you were perfect. We were perfect together. "Us" was perfect. Everything in the background around us was blur and noise while we were getting lost in our own magical world together. Our life was so full. I wish we had more time to do all the wonderful things we had planned together. So many more adventures were awaiting us. We wanted to grow old together and have a family. We were so happy!

Remember that one time I cried because you were in pain, you said that it broke your heart seeing me cry like that. Now my heart has shattered into millions of pieces and every single piece is hurting like hell. Raw excruciating pain that I never thought could be possible. I lost you, the love of my life! I'm fading away into nothingness without you, my world! I'm so defeated... But I know you didn't want to leave me baby... Because you were so happy! You were excited about life and our adventures. We had planned out our life together and it was so beautiful. One of your last messages to me a few days before your passing was: "My love, my everything, my world, my queen, my light, my baby love!! I was thinking about how we met and all the fun things we have done so far and how much more is ahead of us. Looking forward to it and can't wait for more memories to share forever with my love!!" I'm thinking about the many seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years we could have had together and I feel the unbearable pain and the loneliness left in my heart... But in spite of the excruciating pain I'm feeling for your loss, your love and all the mental images of our love story, and YOU! Austin Hamilton, the love of my life, will always be with me, for the rest of my life, at every step, in my every thought, everyday and every second, you're in my heart and in my mind, from now until the very end of time on this floating rock in the universe! "Always and forever! ...and ever ...and ever ...and ever ...and ever ...together!❤️🦩", like we used to say to each other.

There is so much more to say about you, my love! Your personality was bigger than any vocabulary in the world. No amount of words, no matter how eloquently written, would portray your beautiful character, your kindness, your introspection, your imagination, your intelligence, your love. You were bigger than life itself!

And I want the world to know that you were loved! Immensely! You were good, kind, loving, honest and trustworthy. If there's anything like an ideal partner, that was you! My baby love! You were so special and mattered so much to me! You were worthy of the best and deserved the world and more!

I loved everything about you. You were perfect and so easy to love. There was only love and kindness in you. I loved the way you looked at me and squeezed me tight with every kiss. You loved kissing me until I couldn't breath for ten seconds, you were the best kisser ever, your touch so gentle... You loved to make me laugh, you were so funny and we had so much fun together. You loved singing to me. You loved electronic music and we loved singing together back and forth. You loved dancing with me and I loved dancing with you while running my fingertips on your chest; my favorite human to dance with in the whole wide world! You loved snowboarding and skateboarding and you were so good at it! You loved calling me, most lovingly, all the silly endearing names we could find: poopy butt, farty pants, my goofus, my goofusus, the silliest of all the gooses/gooseses, and since we were both goofy on snowboard we were The Goofuses; we had invented a whole new English vocabulary! You had fun correcting my English and you loved growing together in everything we did. You loved pickles, artichokes and sushi and most importantly, you loved eating all the weird Romanian foods I was cooking. You loved beer and riding your motorcycle. You loved tattoos, your body was an art canvas. You were hard working, a very talented metal fabricator, you took pride in every job you did and you were so meticulous for everything to be perfect.

You were loving and so selfless, too good for this world! You always put your needs second to make sure I was happy. You treated your friends and family with the same respect, loved them and always ensured that they were okay. Your mom lost her youngest son, your siblings lost their little brother, your niece and nephews lost their beloved uncle, your friends lost their best friend, the world lost the most wonderful human being, and I lost you, the love of my life! You were taken from us too soon and unexpectedly and we all miss you very much. You were a perfect, kind, loving human being in this world and you are now an angel watching over all of us from heaven.

My lover who I miss more than anything!!

I love you to Earendel (the furthest star in the universe) and back! And I know you would tell me "I love you more!" and you did! Your love was infinite! Your last words to me before you closed your eyes forever were "I love you so much Diana!"

I miss you and I love you so much Austin! Always and forever... ❤️ 🦩

Rest in peace the love of my life...


In loving memory of Austin Hamilton

Plantat cu dor în amintire de către Diana.

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