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Terms & Conditions

1. Legal terms
Prior using this website, we strongly advise you to carefully read the below statements which applies to this website and all the content within.

The access and use of the website are allowed only in compliance with the present terms and Conditions. This website (excluding all links inserted within its content which are serving to third parties’ websites) is controlled and operated by the Company.

The website is dedicated for persons residing in the European Union. Since the website can be accessed from different states within the European Union, each and every member state has its own legislation which can be different from Romania`s law. Therefore, both us and you will agree that all the aspects (affairs, issues) which may come from the usage or the content of the Company`s website will be settled under the Romanian legislation. By agreeing with the present terms and conditions you also agree that all such matters fall under the exclusive scope of Romanian jurisdiction.

2. Copyright
Copyright belongs to the Company – all rights reserved. Copyright or any other intellectual property rights which are targeting the website`s texts, images, sounds, software, as well as any other material used within the website are the exclusive property of the Company.

However, it is allowed to copy some of the passages via printing, downloading, or sending it to other persons only for non-commercial purposes as informational or personal use.

No copy or reproduction of the website shall be sold or released for commercial purposes. Furthermore, it can`t be modified or used within other articles, publications or websites, no matter if it`s on electronic format, hard copy or posted on other website. The Company is not granting the website`s visitors licenses od rights of use upon any materials posted and/or downloaded from the website, as well as content or layout of the present website.

3. Trademarks
All information included within this website (brand name, logo) are held by the Company. It is strictly forbidden the unauthorized use of any brand name, logo, emblems posted within the website.

4. Use of website limitations
Whenever you access this website you agree to use this service only in legal purposes. In particular, you agree to the following:

Not to modify, copy, share, disclose information, display, publish, reproduce, grant licenses, produce derived products, transfer or sell any information or service obtained from or through this website.
Not to allow or authorize another person or third party to use the website in order to convey or to receive materials which beach any piece of legislation in force or which can be obscene, threatening, aggressive, slanderous, racist, etc.
Not to conduct or allow the conduct of cracking or hacking activities or any other similar attacks to denial of service; users which violate the website`s security, the server`s systems or network that hosts the website, can be prosecuted and sued both for civil or criminal offences.
By accessing and using the website you declare to accept to exonerate the Company from its liability. Therefore, you undertake not to intend a lawsuit against the Company, regarding any claim raised by a third party derived from the usage of the website as well as regarding any loss (direct or indirect, consequential or of other nature), cost, action, process, claim, damage or prejudice, expense (including legal fees) or any other liability occurred or brought by the Company directly or indirectly due to infringement or ignorance of the present policy.

5. Website content
Information within this website have been introduced with goodwill only for general knowledge intend. The Company does not ensure that the information contained on the website are complete or precise; this information shall not be considered relevant in certain situations.

None of the displayed information represents a prescription of investment in the Company therefore the Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or expense (including, but not limited to loss of profit, direct, indirect or consequential) which may occur from the access or usage of the website.

The Company reserves the rights to modify and correct the website, when appropriate in a timely manner, without any prior notification.

6. Security
Information within the sing up/ log in form will be used in order to sent users replies to their requests, notifications on possible projects and/or notifications on possible promotions, etc.

The Company ensures its users that it will not disclose their email addresses or personal data to any third parties, unless this activity is required by a public authority in compliance with the Romanian or European legislation. Individuals who will use a fake email address, will sent email messages or any other communications in the name of another natural or legal person or entity will be penalized in compliance with the legislation in force.

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